4 Reasons every man should go for prostate Prehab prior to surgery or procedure

4 Reasons every man should get Prehab prior to prostate surgery or treatment Did you know that 1 out of 7 men in the Unites States are diagnosed with prostate cancer over their lifetime? There are many treatment options for prostate cancer including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Many of these treatments can leave men with bowel, bladder and, sexual dysfunction that greatly affect their quality of life. Research has shown that 1%-90% of men will struggle with urinary urgency, frequency and/or post void dribbling. Basic functional activities such as moving from sit to stand, coughing, sneezing or jumping may result in leaking urine. Another common issue for men after prostate surgery

A Total Body Approach To Healing

Pelvicore Physical Therapy: A Unique Approach of Connecting Mind & Body A new year means new resolutions! If fitness, being pain free, or welcoming a new bundle of joy are in your 2018 plans then you NEED to make your pelvic health part of your New Year’s resolution! For all of you expecting or *NEW* moms….CONGRATULATIONS! Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are all part of a beautiful and natural process that is a unique experience. Did you know that in certain parts of the world it is common practice for postpartum woman to get pelvic floor physical therapy to help them recover from the birthing experience? It is common for pregnant and postpartum woman to have musculoskeletal issues, aches

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