Inner strength for pregnancy and beyond

Getting pregnant and having a baby is one of the most beautiful milestones woman achieve? This process is glorious, however, it does cause significant changes in our bodies that can last beyond pregnancy. How can you prepare your body for pregnancy, stay fit and healthy during pregnancy, and facilitate the quickest and most efficient recovery post partum? Woman in other parts of the world have known the answer to this questions for decades. The answer.......... Make pelvic floor health and wellness a priority during this continuum. Did you know that initiating an exercise regiment without addressing your deep core muscles first can cause incontinence, a diastasis rectus abdominus (a separat

Pelvicore Perk

Pelvicore Perk My favorite position to practice pelvic floor release is the happy baby position. It's a great stretch and opens up the pelvic floor to allow you to perceive these muscles lengthening during deep inhalation. If holding your feet is too much of a stretch you can modify this pose by simply placing your hands on the inside of your knees and allowing them to fall out to the side.#pelvic floor#bocapelvictherapist#pelvicpain#pelvicwellness#pelvictherapy#pelvicfloorrelease

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