A Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Evaluation What should I Expect? Part#2

Congratulations…… If you are reading this blog its probably because you had the aha moment of,” I do deserve the best care and most optimal long term recovery! What can you expect on your first visit? 1. A detailed past and present medical history- This is a thorough conversation between the therapist and patient where we will discuss any symptoms, pain, bowel and bladder routine, diet and lifestyle habits, pregnancy history, medications, trauma, and anything that is concerning you. Pelvic floor issues are usually multi-factorial; a thorough history will allow us to put all of the piecesC of the clinical puzzle together to develop an effective plan of care. 2. The Physical Examination (Exte

The Postpartum Recovery period; Are we doing right by new moms? PART#1

Did you know that in some parts of the world a postpartum visit with a pelvic floor physical therapist is the standard of care? Do these countries have the right idea of optimal immediate and long-term recovery of woman after childbirth! Although pregnancy and the process of birthing is one of the most beautiful experiences, it can certainly take a toll on your pelvic floor. What is the pelvic floor? It’s a group of muscles that lay at the base of your pelvic. It spans from hip to hip and from the pubic bone all the way back to your tailbone. There are 3 layers of muscles in the pelvic floor each one containing at least 3 muscles. The functions of these muscles are: 1.Sphincteric- A closure


Pelvicore Perk #timesup I was trying to relax in bed last night for a few moments before I fell asleep last night when I saw a commercial from a very popular feminine pad for leak protection company. The happy young woman jumping rope in the commercial said something like...."my leaks are just part of being a woman....." Let's be clear on 4 very important things: 1. Leaks are NOT just part of being a woman! 2. Leaks are common BUT not normal! 3. If you are leaking, this is probably because there is a fault in the system of balanced pressure in your deep core. 4. Seeking the help of a skilled pelvic floor specialist can effectively resolve leaking!! Be your own best advocate! Don't l

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