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December 26, 2017

Neuromuscular Retraining is such an important part of therapy for long lasting pelvic health.

This is a great  essay written by Cathryn Jakobson Ramin on how back pain becomes chronic back pain, different kinds of pain in the body, and why its so important to retrain th...

December 21, 2017

Did you know that your posture directly affects the performance of your

pelvic floor muscles?

If you are leaking urine or feces, have pelvic organ prolapse, have trouble breathing efficiently, have difficulty achieving orgasm, or have pelvic pain - your POSTURE may be t...

December 19, 2017

Thank you Rachel Tavel for writing this important piece spreading awareness on the importance for men and woman to seek help for their pelvic floor dysfunctions.  There is great,  skilled, and effective help out there to address these issues!


December 17, 2017

This is an amazing TED TALK video. Great job spreading awareness on pelvic floor related issues. Its so important for people to recognize that  there are so many very "COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL" pelvic floor issues that can be addressed and treated!

December 7, 2017

Do you have pain in your lower back, pelvic, or genital region?  Do you have a bowel or bladder disorder?  Do you suffer from leaking or dribbling, fecal incontinence, constipation, or incomplete emptying?  Do you have sexual dysfunction associated with pain and discom...

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