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About Men's Health Services

Men with pelvic floor dysfunction are often misdiagnosed as having chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Patients frequently take several courses of antibiotics which fail to resolve symptoms as their underlying problem is pelvic floor dysfunction. The symptoms can manifest as urinary problems, constipation, genital pain, and sexual dysfunction. This condition has recently been renamed Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome(CPPS). It accounts for 90% of prostatitis cases as the prostate is not the source of the pain. 


Research has shown that musculoskeletal tension or imbalance is the cause of these symptoms. Skilled treatment by a physical therapist to address the musculoskeletal dysfunction often helps  to resolve this chronic pain. At Pelvicore Rehab we specialize in treating complicated pelvic floor issues through a comprehensive evaluation process. This  is essential to treat the source of the problem and leads patients to recovery and return to an active lifestyle.

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