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3 Important Factors To Consider For Your Pelvic Health

Did you know that your posture directly affects the performance of your

pelvic floor muscles?

If you are leaking urine or feces, have pelvic organ prolapse, have trouble breathing efficiently, have difficulty achieving orgasm, or have pelvic pain - your POSTURE may be the culprit!

What is posture? Posture refers to the way we position and hold our bodies.

What is optimal or neutral posture? A neutral posture is when all three curvatures of our spine (cervical, lumbar, and thoracic ) are balanced. Our head, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle are vertically aligned. In order to achieve and maintain a neutral posture we must hold ourselves with a neutral pelvic position.

Where is our neutral pelvic position?

The easiest way to find your neutral pelvis is to try these extremes first;

1) The classic gymnast position is held with the pelvis tilted extremely forward. This position exaggerates your lumbar curvature by tipping your hip bones more toward the floor. This stretches the pelvic floor muscles holding them in a position that is too taut and not optimal for support.

2) The “tail tucked under” position is where our pelvic floor muscles have too much slack, they are too relaxed and cannot provide the best support. Think of how you look and feel when you attempt to make your belly look flatter. Your tailbone draws closer to your pubic bone.

Neutral pelvis is somewhere between these two extremes.

Good posture means that the pelvic floor muscles have the most optimal

length-tension relationship.

Good posture allows your core muscles to:

- Activate and anticipate the movement of your limbs.

- Provide the best foundational support for your organs.

- Allow for optimal sexual appreciation.

- Allow our pelvic floor muscles to properly engage to promote continence and decrease risk or symptoms of prolapse.

- Improve the efficiency and quality of your breathing with your diaphragm.

Stand tall and stand with a neutral spine and pelvis. Allow this incredible group of muscles to work efficiently supporting you throughout the day.

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