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Pelvicore Perk #timesup

I was trying to relax in bed last night for a few moments before I fell asleep last night when I saw a commercial from a very popular feminine pad for leak protection company. The happy young woman jumping rope in the commercial said something like...."my leaks are just part of being a woman....." Let's be clear on 4 very important things: 1. Leaks are NOT just part of being a woman! 2. Leaks are common BUT not normal! 3. If you are leaking, this is probably because there is a fault in the system of balanced pressure in your deep core. 4. Seeking the help of a skilled pelvic floor specialist can effectively resolve leaking!! Be your own best advocate! Don't let big companies marketing their products play on your vulnerability!#timesup!!! call Pelvicore Rehab LLC to find out how you can resolve your leaks !

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