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3 Surprising Causes of Pelvic Pain

When we think of persistent pelvic pain we often think of injuries, tissues, and joints. However, there are other common causes for pelvic pain and today we are going to discuss 3 of them.

The first one is an inflammatory diet. What we eat can lead to pelvic pain. For example, sugar can cause metabolic diease and increase inflamation and contribute to autoimune diseases. Another suprising cause for pelvic pain is environmental toxins. We live in a toxic environment which can lead to a decreased immune reaction in our body or metabolic disregulation. We have to make sure we use our natural filtration system in our body and detoxify on a regular basis. The 3rd cause we will talk about is adrenal insufficiency. Decreased cortisol levels can be a problem and lead to pelvic pain. For example, people with lower cortisol levels in the morning were shown to have more inflammation. Additionally, lower cortisol levels were seen in people who have fibromyalgia and lower back pain.

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