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5 Frustrating Things About Pelvic Pain and How PT can Help!

If you've been struggling with pelvic pain or discomfort for a long time, and you're just dying to get back to your active lifestyle - free of worry, it may be time to visit a pelvic floor physical therapist!

1. If you are suffering from chronic pelvic pain, your symptoms can widely vary. This makes it hard to find support and a provider

2. Medications don't always work, they may treat the symptoms, but not the root cause

3. You need a TEAM approach to address the problem from different angles

4. You won't always look sick. Just because others are not able to visibly see your pain or discomfort, doesn't diminish how it is impacting your life and activities

5. Stress can make it worse. Pelvic pain and dysfunction may start to impact the activities you love, your career, and the relationships in your life

At Pelvicore Rehab we treat the WHOLE person, the muscles, tissues, mind, and nervous system. We take the time to listen to your physical pain and learn how it impacts your life. A lot of times, emotions such as depression, anxiety, and stress effect how you experience pain.

Pain is a red flag to our brain that something in our body needs to be addressed. Pelvicore Rehab will help you return to a calmer and more balanced state. We make sure you feel independent, empowered, and self sufficient to treat your pain. Make sure you have the right support to help you heal.

Find pain relief today at Pelvicore Rehab. We take a whole body approach to achieve healing (561)295-1631

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