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Attention Birthworkers

Did you know...

That in a recent study of pregnant women, researchers found that 62% have incontinence during pregnancy and 50% continued to have problems with involuntary leaking urine after childbirth?

Another study showed that 75% of women will experience pelvic organ prolapse and 50-70% will experience back pain during pregnancy.

A recent large study showed that about 36% of women experienced pain with intercourse at 6 months postpartum.

Unfortunately, about 50% of women feel that they should have been referred to pelvic floor therapy earlier and 46% reported that they learned of the importance of pelvic floor physical therapy on their own and initiated treatment independently. This can be frustrating and disappointing to a new mom.

The great news is that all of these issues are COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL and can be effectively treated by a pelvic floor physical therapist.

Midwives are often the most important advocate for a woman as she enters motherhood.

Being knowledgeable in the area of pelvic health and wellness enables midwives to expand their role in supporting women .As midwives you are in a unique position to educate and spread awareness on the importance of pelvic health and wellness. You can advocate for women who are already struggling with pelvic health dysfunction AND also in the prevention of developing pelvic dysfunction during pregnancy and after birth by referring moms to a pelvic health physical therapist.

That’s why I’m so excited to share “A Midwife’s Role in Pelvic Floor Health Lecture Pack,” which is a bundle of 3 lessons taught by myself: The Pelvic Floor and the Core; A Dynamic Duo; Pelvic Health and Wellness throughout Pregnancy and Birth; and The Fourth Trimester: Postpartum Healing and Recovery.

In this high value bundle you will learn:

1. The anatomy, functions and innervation of the entire pelvic floor so that you can provide early detection of any pelvic floor dysfunction.

2. How the pelvic floor relates to the deep core system, this is the foundation of our stability system. By understanding this concept a midwife can help moms feel great during pregnancy and beyond.

3. Symptoms your clients may express if their core system is not functioning optimally. This will give you the opportunity to advocate for your clients and provide them with resources to get early treatment.

4. Techniques and strategies to help moms stay supported and stable throughout pregnancy and postpartum. You will learn practical techniques that you can teach moms to implement immediately. This will give moms the greatest opportunity to enjoy a pain free pregnancy and the most efficient healing after birth.

5. The midwives role in pelvic health and wellness. Midwives are in the perfect position to help moms believe that if they “feel something, they should say something!” and that they will be taken seriously and be provided with the education and resources to help them.

Click the link below to purchase now:

P.S. This program is accredited through the Midwifery Education & Accreditation Council (MEAC) for 3 Contact Hour or 0.3 CEU. This program is also approved for 3 CERP (3 R-CERP).

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