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Best Pre and Post Workout Hamstring Stretch!

Do you have tight hamstrings and you can't quite figure out the best way to stretch them or relieve the discomfort?

Exercising and working out is a fabulous way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, it may also result in tight muscle tissue, so it is extremely important that you also learn how to properly care for your muscles.

80% of people who experience low back pain also have tightness in their hamstrings. Hamstring tension is a huge contributor to pelvic pain and dysfunction.

In this video, you will learn two stretches to relieve hamstring and low back pain.

The first is an active release stretch and the second is a static stretch. Make sure that you watch the video first, then watch the video a second time to follow along and practice while being guided.

Often times, we may not be aware that the root of our hamstring, leg, hip, and lower back pain originates in the pelvic area. Lower back pain is one of the most common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction so make sure you have the right support to turn to if you feel a pain.

First- watch the video once to understand and visualize the exercises

Second- rewatch the video and practice the breathing position with me!

Last- incorporate this practice into your daily routine

Find pain relief today at Pelvicore Rehab. We take a whole body approach to achieve healing. Call us today! (561)295-1631

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