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Birth of a Goddess with Jen Radnay

In today's episode we are talking with Jen Radnay, owner/founder of her company Birth of a Goddess. Please see her Beautifully written bio below.

Jens Bio:

Birth work is Magic. It is to hold a sacred space for women to step into their power and trust enough to surrender their bodies. It is to allow oneself to go so deeply within and let the intense process of Birth to happen. Motherhood is our most important contribution to humanity. We must step into it consciously.

She has her Bachelor of Childhood Education and currently serves her community as a Sacred Birthkeeper, womb healer, ceremony facilitator, yoga instructor, lactation counselor and maternal life coach.

She has manifested her passion for empowering women, biohacking and the existential experience of Birth into her company Birth of a Goddess - her labor of love - where she is a Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula.

Quote “Birth is inherently unpredictable”

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