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Do you want a better Rehab Program?

Are you getting the results you want from your Rehab program??

Are you frustrated with your current rehab program?

Do you want faster more efficient results with improved performance?

Neufit may be your answer!

How is NeuFit different from a tens unit or other electrical stimulation device?

This is often the first question I get when someone is interested in learning more about this cutting edge muscle-balancing technology.

Let me start with a quick review of how 99% of electrical stimulation (e-stim) devices work and why their results may be temporary and not as effective.

Virtually all e-stim devices on the market utilize some form of alternating current (AC). These devices are great at masking pain signals for temporary relief or improving blood and lymph flow through mechanical pumping.

However, they are unable to uncover what is driving the pain and where the source of the pain is. Very often the root of dysfunction and what is actually causing the pain may be in a location that is distant to the site of where you actually feel the discomfort.

Therefore, these devices are essentially useless in affecting long-lasting changes in the neuromuscular system due to the inability to reach a high enough level to enact permanent change.

How is Neufit unique and more effective?

In Contrast to most AC current devices, Neufit utilizes a direct current (DC) with a unique waveform that closely resembles the way charges occur naturally in the neurological system.

Yes…. It is more effective and creates long-term change because it works with the natural physiology of our bodies.

This results in minimized protective responses and the ability to perform restorative or functional movements throughout the stimulation.

This means that treatment is not simply the application of the

e-stim. Rather, it is the use of the DC current in combination with functional movements/exercises in order to allow the stim to rebalance the body while allowing our brains to integrate new, more functional, efficient and balanced movement. This leads to faster, longer lasting results!

Although Neufit has many uses, the most unique is that of the diagnostic scan.

The diagnostic scan identifies areas of hypersensitivity, which may be a result of chronic pain, postural imbalance, and/or past injury and thus the source of limitation preventing normal muscle contraction and healthy movement patterns.

After identifying the sources of limitation the Neufit technology aims “re-program” areas of imbalance with stimulation and specific movement protocols.

The application of the stimulation combined with movement helps the brain and body to adapt and learn that movement in these areas is healthy and normal.

The results experienced by clients are often immediate and include increased range of motion, improved strength, and significant reduction in pain, and greater quality of movement.

* Do you have neurological problems such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, orthopedic injury or pelvic girdle pain, back pain, hip pain, neck pain and want a better rehab program?

* Are you struggling with chronic pain, and are tired of slow or plateaued progress?

* Are you an athlete seeking improved and faster performance?

* Do you want faster and more efficient results from your rehab program?

* Do you want improved posture, core strength and muscle balance?

* Do you want quicker improvements in strength, range of motion, and flexibility?

Then Neufit may be the answer you have been waiting for….

Treatment with Neufit will help uncover and access your body’s hidden potential.

Dr. Garret Tubman DPT is a talented therapist that is part of a unique team at Pelvicore Rehab LLC. Our rehab philosophy is

“A total body approach to healing.”

Garret is the only certified Neufit practitioner in South Florida. He pursued this certification to help his clients achieve the fastest, most efficient results in their healing journey

For more information or to make an appointment

Call (561) 316-4767

Pelvicore Rehab LLC

Dr. Garret Tubman

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