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Exercises for Nagging Leg, Hip, and Back Pain Relief

Do you have a nagging pain in your leg, hip, or lower back area? It may even wrap around all of these areas. In this video, you will learn two great exercises to relieve the pain in this area.

Make sure that you are following along and exercising with the infected side. It is likely that you may be experiencing nerve pain. These exercises will help the nerve and connective tissues to glide through your entire system.

Why is this important? In order to get good motion and movement, everything needs to slide and glide. Often time, we may not be aware that the root of our leg, hip, and lower back pain is in the pelvic area.

Lower back pain is one of the most common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction so make sure you have the right support to turn to if you feel a pain.

First- watch the video once to understand and visualize the exercises

Second- rewatch the video and practice the breathing position with me!

Last- incorporate this practice into your daily routine


Do you have a nagging pain that perhaps starts in the thigh, wraps around to the groin and groin and hip and then maybe travels to the lowback?

These are common symptoms that we see, it could be a femoral nerve impingement and if this sounds like you then this video is for you i'm going to show you two great exercises to help ease that pain. Hey everyone I am Susan Winograd with Pelvicore Plus where we believe healing requires a total body approach.

In this first exercise you're going to lie down on a bed ora treatment table on a yoga mat and you're gonna press your hands up sort of like an upward facing dog or a cobra pose and in this position you're just going to begin to nod your head and as you nod your head down you're going to bring the affected side knee up and you can even point and flex that toe as you bring the knee down you're going to look up toward the ceilin glook down bring the knee up and point and flex the toe.

You can do this around 10 to 15 times and what it does it helps the nerve glide through the entire system because in order to get good motion everything needs to slide and glide.

So for the next exercise what you're going to do is you're going to put bend the effect side on a chair with your knee bent so you could see my knees bent on that chair and what you're going to do and this is going to put a little bit of a stretch on those tissues and what you're going to do is you're going to reach over head and back over head and back and that's going to again.

Allow those tissues to slide and glide if you need a little bit more of a stretch you can take a bolster and put it under that foot and that will give that foot a little bit more of an angle and you'll feel a bit more of a stretch in the front and again you're going to go over and back over and back feeling a really great stretch trying to just slide your hand down toward the opposite knee i'm keeping that pure side bending motion.

I really like this one because we don't sit or lie down all day so if you're going about the day and you start noticing that ache in the groin in the hip in the back in the front of this thigh you can just stand up grab a chair and do this exercise.


Find pain relief today at Pelvicore Rehab. We take a whole body approach to achieve healing. Call us today! (561)295-1631

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