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How Can You Use Food as Medicine for Pelvic Healing? With Megan Perez

Megan Perez earned a Masters Degree in Nutrition in 2013. She has continued her education by completing courses in integrative and functional nutrition, mindful eating, digestive disorders (such as IBS, SIBO, and IBD), eating disorders and intuitive eating, and also hormone health (specifically fertility, hypothalamic amenorrhea, and PCOS). She has a personal history with digestive distress, PCOS, and infertility, and I have a big, big heart for anyone struggling.

Megan is now an integral member of the Pelvicore team. Nutrition plays an important role in a pelvic healing journey. She has a passion for working with those who want to improve their digestive, hormone, and pelvic health using a highly individualized approach. She wants to empower people to make long lasting changes that feel realistic and GOOD in their body while achieving long term healing. She wants people to love food and feel excited about what it can do for their overall and pelvic health! Everyone deserves compassionate and quality care. Your story is important.

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