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Men: Do You Have a Pelvic Floor: What ALL Men Should Know!

Do men have a Pelvic Floor ?

Yes.... ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

Male Pelvic Floor anatomy is very similar to female pelvic floor muscle anatomy with two obvious exception, the external genitalia which is the first of 3 layers of the pelvic floor muscles and of course the pelvic organs.

Other than these differences and just a few muscle variations, men have an almost identical pelvic floor as women.

This means that men can also get a pelvic floor dysfunction that can cause bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction. Click Here

So..... if you are a man and you have pelvic pain, don’t automatically assume that it’s prostatitis, your pelvic floor can be driving the pain.

If you experiencing urinary leaking, urinary urgency/frequency, constipation, fecal incontinence, inability to hold back gas, pain before during or after intercourse and or ejaculation, pain with sitting, hip and/or groin is very possible that your pelvic floor needs some attention! Click Here

Seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist should be the first line of conservative treatment to help you resolve these issues for long lasting results!!

To learn more about the male pelvic floor Click Here NOW!

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