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Pain with Sex? Get Relief Now

If you're a woman who used to enjoy sex, but are now finding intercourse painful, this video is for you.

Whether you experience pain during initial penetration or thrusting, Pelvicore Rehab knows your pain is real and needs to be addressed.

Pain with sex is common, but not normal. With the help of professionals at Pelvicore Rehab, you WILL overcome your pain and enjoy sex again.

75% of women experience painful intercourse at some point throughout their lives.

GOOD NEWS! - your pelvic floor is made up of MUSCLES. These muscles are able to be treated and trained with pelvic floor physical therapy.

At Pelvicore Rehab, we teach you stretches, exercises, and relaxation techniques that make intercourse comfortable and enjoyable. Because your brain and body are connected, painful sex must be healed with a TOTAL body approach.

One way Pelvicore Rehab heals painful intercourse is with dilators. These allow the brain and the body to be comfortable and diminish involuntary muscle contractions. With Pelvicore Rehab, your pelvic floor physical therapy journey is painless and customized to your individual needs.

Never stand for healthcare providers telling you to "relax" or that "your pain in is your head". Pelvicore Rehab KNOWS this is not the solution. Pain with sex is common, but NOT normal. At Pelvicore Rehab we are experienced in treating painful intercourse and empower you to learn, take control of your pelvic health, and enjoy every aspect of life. Pain with sex is usually COMPLETELY RESOLVABLE so call Pelvicore Rehab today at (561)295-1631

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