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Pain with sit to standing?? Try this now!

Do you struggle with tailbone pain??

If so....there is no doubt that you dread going from sit to stand! Click Here This transitional movement can be very painful for those suffering with tailbone pain!

Watch this video to learn a simple technique to make this movement pain-free!!!

Click Here to watch now !! Pelvic floor physical therapy should be the first line of conservative treatment for tailbone pain! Click here There are several pelvic floor muscles, ligaments and tendons that attach to the coccyx. Although this bone is small it serves an important function in support and stability. A pelvic floor physical therapist can help you uncover what is driving this pain. Finding the root cause of pain is the only way to ensure long lasting results! Don't wait to be on your way to being pain free . Life should be about enjoying movement and NOT being afraid it will be painful! Call Now 561- 295-1631 to start healing today!!

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