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The #1 Hamstring Stretch That You Can Do Anywhere!!

Are you constantly struggling with tight hamstrings and trying to find a stretch to relieve the tension?

You're in luck because this video, Pelvicore Rehab will teach you our favorite standing hamstring stretch to relieve this tension and return to feeling great.

First, start by finding something sturdy to rest your arms on. Separate your legs and rest your forearms down on the table and make sure that your back is straight. In this position, use your feet and push down (like you are pushing a gas pedal). Here, you should be able to feel your hamstrings. Hold for five deep breaths.

Next, do the same stretch, but with you feet turned outwards at a 45 degree angle. Finally, do the same stretch, but with your feet pointed inwards. Practicing this stretch with your feet in different positions will work all places in the hamstring muscle

First- MAKE SURE you watch the video once to understand and visualize the exercises

Second- rewatch the video and practice the breathing position with me!

Last- incorporate this practice into your daily routine

For more amazing tips, contact Pelvicore Rehab. We are experienced in treating low back pain and helping clients overcome their pelvic discomfort. Hamstring and lower back pain is one of the most common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction so call Pelvicore Rehab today at (561)295-1631

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