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Why You're Still in Pain After You've Healed

If you've been struggling with a certain pain for a long time, but have had all of your body parts treated and assessed, it may be time to visit a pelvic floor physical therapist!

Pain always has an emotional AND a nervous system component when pain persists over a long period of time. So, if you've visited multiple doctors, had every test done, and your physical body assessed and treated - that's only addressing the musculoskeletal part of the problem.

At Pelvicore Rehab we treat the WHOLE person, the muscles, tissues, mind, and nervous system. A lot of times, emotions such as depression, anxiety, and stress effect how you experience pain. Your nervous system effects how acutely you feel your pain, therefore, we assess how your mind is interpreting pain signals which will determine how you feel the pain in your body.

Other stressful components such as worry and catastrophization also effect how you heal, as you are bringing your minds attention to the painful area. Pain is a red flag to our brain that something in our body needs to be addressed.

Pelvicore Rehab will help you return to a calmer and more balanced state. We make sure you feel independent, empowered, and self sufficient to treat your pain. Make sure you have the right support to help you heal.


Have you been struggling with a certain pain for a long time? You've had all of your body parts assessed or treated but you're still in pain?

If this sounds like you then this video is for you because that's exactly what we're going to discuss. Hi everyone, I'm Susan Winograd with Pelvircore Plus where we believe healing requires a total body approach.

So often our patients come to us after having gone to seven or ten other practitioners and doctors and they've had every test done in the book, but they're still in pain. The reason why that is, is because when pain persists over a longer period of time pain always has an emotional component and a nervous system component. Here at Pelvicore Rehab we treat the whole person - we treat the musculoskeletal component but just as importantly we treat the mind the nervous system, the emotions.

A couple of things that we look at here at Pelvircore Rehab which I believe every pelvic floor physical therapist should look at is depression anxiety and stress which can affect how you experience pain. We look at how sensitive your nervous system is which can affect how acutely you feel your pain. We look at the degree of worry rumination and catastrophization.

Did you know that people that have a high degree of worry have less positive outcomes in terms of resolving their pain? If you think about it, it makes sense the more you worry the more you bring your nervous system or your mind back to that painful area. That's absolutely something that needs to be addressed in order to get long-term healing.

We also want to make sure that you feel independent and empowered and self-effective to treat the pain treating the mind and body as a whole the nervous system and the tissues is the only way that persistent pain or pain that you've experienced for a longer period of time can be healed for a long period of time and that's exactly the approach that we use at Pelvicore Rehab. Come give us a call and let us help you finally overcome your persistent pain..

Find pain relief today at Pelvicore Rehab. We take a whole body approach to achieve healing (561)295-1631

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