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Stress, Hormones, and Inflamation

Stop chasing the symptoms of pelvic

health and start addressing the cause!


5 essential components of pelvic health that often are BUT should NEVER be overlooked

Presented by Pelvic Health Expert Susan Winograd MSPT


This seminar is for you if:


You are tired of not feeling your best


If you want answers about why many people struggle with their pelvic Health but don't get the results they want  


If you want to stop putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms and find the underlying cause for long-term health WITHOUT drugs


You have any pelvic health issues, IBS, constipation, bladder issues, low libido, digestive issues, sexual health problems, symptoms of menopause


What you will Learn:


Discover 5 essential  factors that MUST be addressed to achieve pelvic health and wellness 

Learn why gut and hormone health are  imperative for pelvic health and healing and how to support it naturally.


WHAT REALLY WORKS  to improve your health  …. Safely, naturally, healthfully!!


Discover the biggest mistake that conventional medicine makes in treating pelvic health issues


Imagine your life regained with health even if you feel like ‘you’ve tried it all!”

We guarantee it will be time well spent

Imagine your life regained with health even if you feel like ‘you’ve tried it all!”

This event is FREE for Pelvicore clients but seating

is limited so reservations are required  


Call NOW to reserve your spot

Feel free to bring a friend!  

call  561-295-1631 or scan the code below.



350 Camino Gardens Blvd,

Unit 102, Boca Raton, FL 33432

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