About Us

About Pelvicore Rehab

Our mission:

To provide a unique approach of healing that connects mind and body. Our focus is functionally driven techniques to empower your daily life. 


To provide a healing and wellness experience based on our patients goals with the highest level of evidence based clinical skills , privacy, and respect.

Our Team

Dr. Garrett Tubman, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy

My name is Dr. Garrett Tubman. My education includes a bachelor of science in Healthcare Administration from Florida Atlantic University and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences. 

Since graduating I have had the pleasure of working in a variety of settings with a diverse client population including spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular conditions, professional athletes, orthopedics, pelvic dysfunctions and much more. My treatments are based on a whole body approach, finding  and treating the root causes of pain or dysfunction, not the symptoms.

My assessments and treatments are highly individualized to meet the unique needs of each client in order to help them achieve their therapeutic goals.  

 As a Certified NeuFit provider, I use this innovative technology, along with effective manual therapy and other techniques, to greatly decrease recovery time, increase mobility, facilitate a pain-free, active lifestyle improving and optimizing movement and function. 

My ideal clients are driven individuals who are looking for one-on-one, customized care that empowers them to move with freedom,  stability, and efficiency.  

Susan Winograd, P.T.
Physical Therapist
Owner / Founder

My name is Susan Winograd, I am the owner and founder of Pelvicore Rehab LLC.   I earned a masters degree from the College of Staten Island in 1998.  During my 20 years of experience I have gained extensive knowledge in the treatment of various populations such as orthopedics, manual therapy, geriatrics,  pediatrics and men/women's pelvic dysfunction and treatment of the pregnant and postpartum women.

I have continued my postgraduate education through seminars with The Herman and Wallace institute,MPR scar Release Therapy, John Barnes Myofascial Release,The Institute for Birth Healing, Clear Passage Therapies Inc. and Cranio Sacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute. 

I have earned a scar Release therapy certification from Acumed and I am certified in The Wurn Technique and Clear Passage Approach.

I enjoy giving workshops throughout South Florida on pelvic health and wellness related topics.

After years of owning a general orthopedic practice, I repeatedly encountered patients suffering from un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed pelvic floor conditions. My hands on treatment approach of treating the whole person has often led me to discover the primary or contributing cause of pain, dysfunction, or imbalance was pelvic floor related.

My passion and commitment is treating, healing, and educating my patients with pelvic floor dysfunction using a whole body approach to relieve pain, restore optimal function and improve quality of life.

I am committed to providing the highest quality of individualized care that every patient deserves.

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