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Success Stories

What are patients saying about us?
Hear about their Journey & Success 
with our expert Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

I met Susan over a year ago with pain in my hip, back, & groin. I couldn't walk. I needed
Hi, my name is Rebecca Rue… After I had two natural births, I started having some weird di
Hi, my name is Rebecca Rue… After I had two natural births, I started having some weird di
Hi, my name is Rebecca Rue… After I had two natural births, I started having some weird di

Meet the Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

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If you are not sure if Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is right for you, we want to help!
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“ I had two stubborn scars that were not healing. I was so happily surprised after Susan treated them with MicroPoint stimulation, they healed  completely within a week. “

-Burt D.

“ I was referred to Pelvicore rehab for persistent pain in the tip of my penis. I had been to several doctors and had been through too many rounds of antibiotics. At times the pain improved slightly but always returned. I had other medical conditions which complicated the situation.  Someone recommended I try pelvic floor physical therapy. Once I met Susan my life changed. She discovered that I had many trigger  points in very deep muscles that were referring pain to the tip of my penis. Over a few sessions Susan released the trigger points and taught me how to continue to manage them on my own. The pain is gone and my life has  changed! My focus is no longer managing my pain but rather living my life. “ 

- Paul D. 

  “Jessica helped me recover after I had my baby. I love the way strengthened my inner core first to make sure they were strong and stable before we worked our way to the outer muscles. I feel great. “ 

-Audrey C. L.



      “I came to Jessica with perineal spasms and testicular pain. I am doing better and see marked improvement. Occasionally I feel as though a spasm may be coming on but Susan has taught me how to deflect and manage that. A major improvement that I can talk about is I no longer feel pressure in my right testicle. In addition, muscle control in that area has definitely improved. 

Jessica, thank you for your professionalism and expertise."

-Les B.



      “My stream is steady  now and strong. I am as close to feeling as normal as I have ever felt in the last two and a half years since my original diagnosis. I see the light now and believe I have turned a corner on this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.“

-Les B.


    "Susan, your pre-procedural session helped me get through the procedure. I continue to practice the techniques you taught me and they continue to help on a daily basis. Thank you for your expertise and your positive energy.”

-Kenny M.  


     “I am extremely athletic and was devastated when I was no longer able to control my bladder. Susan helped me to recover, regain control of my bladder,  and return to exercise. I’m thrilled!!”

-Melissa O. 

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