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Bladder Dysfunction

Bladder Dysfunction encompasses a wide range of disorders 

Are you restricting fluid intake because of a bladder issue? This can actually exacerbate your problems! This causes higher concentration of urine, increasing your risk of UTI. Also, this will decrease your blood volume leading to orthostatic hypotension and increase your risk of falling.

 At Pelvicore Rehab, our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists are excited to advise and treat people with bladder dysfunctions and conditions. Our therapists are experts on treating men, women, & children with Conditions and Dysfunctions of the Bladder such as:

Bladder Leaking

Bladder Retention

Overactive Bladder 

Burning with Urination

Cystitis or Painful Bladder Syndrome

Chronic Urinary Tract Infections, UTI's

& More


When treating patients our therapists investigate to find the root cause of the Bladder Dysfunction and discover what is making your problems worse (like the restricted fluid intake mentioned above!). By treating the cause and not just the symptoms, patients of our clinic have the BEST outcomes!

Call & Schedule an Appointment today so that we can Help You Reclaim Your Life too!

Hear what our clients are saying:

"Never fully emptying my bladder and pain in my lower stomach is something that I just lived with. The doctors did not have a good explanation why and I thought this was going to have to be my new normal: pain & constantly feeling like I needed to pee. I found Pelviore, completed treatments, and my hope was restored! I am now pain free and my life no longer revolves around the bathroom."

- Cynthia, age 44

"I had a UTI that would never fully go away. My stomach was so messed up from antibiotics and probiotics could not keep up. I finally found Pelvicore because I knew there had to be a reason. Jessica found that reason; it was my pelvic floor muscles! I have completed therapy and I have not had a UTI in 6 months." 

- Trent, age 39

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