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Best Exercises to Relieve Acid Reflux (Heartburn): Part 3

🔥 What is causing your acid reflux (Heartburn)????

🔥 Acid Reflux (GERD), commonly called heartburn, that irritating burning pain in your chest or throat can be very uncomfortable throughout the day and can make sleeping very difficult

🔥 Can a pelvic floor physical therapist help with this condition???? Click Here


🔥 In Part 1 of this series on Acid Reflux (Heartburn) we discussed how the Respiratory Diaphragm ( the muscle for breathing) may be the culprit in your reflux

symptoms.Click Here

🔥 In Part 2, I reinforced the magic of breathing ( You all know that I am obsessed with the healing superpower of breath!!) with some breath exercises to relieve symptoms of heartburn.Click Here

🔥 In this video, Part 3 of this series, we progressed by adding two more great exercises to relieve symptoms of reflux naturally.Click Here

Don't wait to start feeling your best!!

Click Here to Watch NOW to watch this video

Learn how to relieve symptoms of reflux naturally without medication!!!

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The Breath ,The Core and the Pelvic Floor: Part 1

The Breath ,The Core and the Pelvic Floor: Part 2

The Breath, The Core and the Pelvic Floor Part 3

3 Strategies for Better breathing

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