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Is Bladder Leaking Preventing you from doing the things you love?


Do you want to take control of your bladder and get back to all the things that bring you joy and happiness WITHOUT the worry of leaking? If the answer is YES…. You are in the best place. We CAN help!


If you have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (otherwise known as Painful Bladder Syndrome), you can heal with our help. This may be difficult to treat, but with the right pelvic floor physical therapy, you will be able to get back to the activities you enjoy - free of pain and worry.

We commend you for reclaiming your bladder health! 


Clients are shocked when we tell them that leaking is NOT Normal, and we can help them STOP leaking no matter how old they are. 

Undergarment companies try their hardest to convince you that the only way to control leaking is by wearing pads or diapers. Their marketing campaigns show young people wearing diapers in order to be able to jump rope or play tennis. They have even started to manufacture a line of “ sexy” protective undergarments!! (Seriously????….. Once you've seen this… you've seen it all!)


I am here to assure you that there are so many things you can do to stop leaking for good WITHOUT medication, surgery or expensive procedures!

Our expert Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists have created a FREE short guide to help those struggling with Bladder Leaking.

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Here is what some of our clients are reporting:

“I have given up going to the beach for fear of leaking, and now I spend long days in the sand & sun free from worry”

- Pam age 56

“ I used to love jogging, I had completely stopped and I hesitated to even walk at a fast pace for fear of leaking. But NOW, I can jog 5 miles without hesitation. ”

- Evelyn age 35

“ I love my job as a personal trainer BUT I feared I may have to give it up because of constantly leaking with weight lifting. I had almost given up, then I found Pelvicore Rehab, and today I can do the job I love full time ”

- Joy age 28


“ I began Leaking after surgery and I would not even consider a full round of golf. I missed it! After my care at Pelvicore Rehab, I now play 18 holes every Sunday afternoon"

- Ben age 63


“ My doctor told me that leaking is normal  since I had 4 children and I am now in Perimenopause. ” 

- Beth age 49


“ I missed running and jumping with my kids in the park but I have leaked right through my pants and avoid any fast or sudden movements now. After Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, I can confidently jump on a TRAMPOLINE with them!!!”

- Karen age 31


“ I was told that I either had to quit my job or have surgery since I am 72. I am a housekeeper, I love my job, but I leak when I clean and I did not want surgery. Thanks to Pelvicore Rehab, I did not have to have surgery and I have stopped leaking”

- Gail age 72

End Bladder Leaking Now!

Meet the Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

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If you are not sure if Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is right for you, we want to help!
Call our office to schedule a 
 Free 15-Minute Discovery Phone Call
with either Susan or Jessica.
We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.

Call Us Today. It's easy, fast and secure.

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