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Sexual Dysfunction 


      We treat a wide array of intimacy related issues such as pain with sex or dyspareunia, erectile dysfunction, difficulty or inability to orgasm, and the inability or difficulty achieving penetration.


First of all, Pain with sex is not normal. 


      Many times patients assume pain and discomfort is normal and ignore physical intimacy related conditions, dysfunctions, and pain. We take your concerns very seriously. Our knowledgeable Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists are well-versed and respectful of your unique situation. Our therapists will help you align the core components of your central stability system. They will teach you how to strategize movements and balance, because Kegels are not always the solution.


      At Pelvicore, we help on an individualized bases making your health and wellness a top priority through active listening and exhibiting a high level of professionalism and concern when it comes to your sexual health. 

We are happy to help all patients with sexual dysfunction, pain, or conditions to achieve a happier, healthier sex life with their partner. 

Hear what our clients are saying:

"I was terrified about a proctectomy surgery mostly because the I was worried about long term erectile dysfunction after. I regained full ability very quickly and surprised all the doctors at how quickly I was able to recover. Thank you!"

- Ben, age 59


"Sex was so painful. From my first time, until I found Pelvicore. The reason was my pelvic floor muscles. Once they were addressed, sex went from being a painful chore to a pleasurable, intimate experience. My husband and I are so grateful."

- Anonymous Female, age 26 

Meet the Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

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If you are not sure if Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is right for you, we want to help!
Call our office to schedule a 
 Free 15-Minute Discovery Phone Call
with either Susan or Jessica.
We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.

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