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Our Mission:

To provide a unique approach of healing that connects mind and body for men & women. Our focus is functionally driven techniques to empower your daily life. 

Our Vision:

To provide a healing and wellness experience based on our patients goals with the highest level of evidence based clinical skills , privacy, and respect. 

Our expert Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists have created a short guide to help those struggling with Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction. Take advantage of these 8 Steps to begin navigating Pelvic Health and Healing.

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Conditions We Commonly Treat

Bladder Leaking 

Leaking is a common issue, but it is NEVER normal; the bladder can be retrained. We treat:

URGE incontinence,

STRESS incontinence,

OVERFLOW incontinence, FUNCTIONAL incontinence

& MIXED incontinence. 

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Guide to End Bladder Leaking*

Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy is an amazing event in a women's life, however it may be the biggest physical event her body ever goes through. Learn to improve strength, flexibility, and maintain correct alignment throughout your pregnancy to protect and support both you and your precious new little one. 

Bowel Dysfunction

Bowel Dysfunction encompasses various conditions and issues associated with the Colon, Rectum, & Anal Sphincter and the Pelvic Floor Muscles. These can present as Chronic Constipation, Acute Constipation, Fecal Incontinence, Anal Fissures, and More.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic & Groin Pain can be associated with Vaginismus, Vulvar Pain, Scrotal and/or Testicular Pain, Coccyx pain or Coccydnia, sacroiliac pain and muscle spasm's, Pudendal Neuralgia & Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, healing after Proctectomy Surgery or Prostatitis. We are experts at finding the source & treating it.   

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

This condition is when the pelvic drop from their normal position causing pain, problems going to the bathroom, and or painful sex. We understand the emotion and physical impacts this can have, and we can help. 

Sexual Dysfunction

There are solutions for Intimacy related issues such as pain with sex or Dyspareunia, erectile dysfunction difficulty or inability to orgasm, inability or difficulty achieving penetration. Our professional, expert therapists are here to answer your questions and help you gain the emotional intimacy with your partner.

Postpartum Healing

We love to help New Moms reconnect with their pelvic floor and prepare to return to an active lifestyle. EVERY NEW MOM deserves Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy to heal faster and better after the giving birth.

Scar Tissue Release

Scars may develop as a result of  many conditions some of which are surgery, injury, stitches, fractures, keloids, childbirth, episiotomy, or infection.  ALL SCARS need to be Released. We offer several highly successful options for Scar Tissue Release. 

Bladder Dysfunction

We treat a number of Bladder Conditions & Dysfunctions including Interstitial Cystitis or Painful Bladder Syndrome, Overactive Bladder, & Chronic Urinary Tract Infections, UTI's. 

ONE out of every FIVE people suffer from some kind of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

This population includes men, women, and children. The source of their pain can include a wide spectrum of problems such as muscles that are too weak or to tight,  sacroiliac joint dysfunction, coccyx pain, postural changes, connective tissue irritation or sensitivity. These can result from many causes but are not limited to childbirth, trauma, muscle tension, previous injury or fall.

Pelvic pain is often difficult to diagnose and patients  with pelvic pain are still a significantly under-serviced population.  At Pelvicore Rehab we specialize in treating complicated pelvic floor issues through a comprehensive evaluation process. This is essential to treating the

Pelvic Floor.


The conditions listed above are among the most common Pelvic Floor Conditions, Pains, and Dysfunctions; we treat more than what is listed. If you have a question regarding a pelvic condition, pain, or dysfunction, you may speak with one of our amazing Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists prior to your first appointment. 

Pelvicore Rehab's Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists treat the source of the problem and lead patients to a full recovery.

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