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3 Surprising Factors That May Contribute to Bladder Issues

Have you been struggling with bladder issues and you can’t quite figure out what is going on? This video will share 3 surprising things that may be affecting you bladder health.

1. Your liver: liver dysfunction can lead to bladder dysfunction

2. Your vertebrae: back and spine pain is one of the most common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction

3. Your feet: there are muscle tissue connections that start in your toes, go through your leg, and connect up to your pelvic floor

At Pelvicore Rehab, we take a total body approach. Why is this important? In order to get LONG TERM healing we need to treat what is DRIVING the pain

Remember, sometimes the cause of pelvic pain can be at a site distant from the pelvis.... such as .... a knee or a foot or a shoulder! So make sure you have an expert team behind you that will fully relieve your pain. Find pain relief today at Pelvicore Rehab. We take a whole body approach to achieve healing.

Call us today! (561)295-1631

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