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Being a mom can be tough. Being a business owner can be tough. Doing both! Well that for sure has it's challenges.

Listen to Susan Winograd's interview, one of our many mompreneurs on the topic of 'Balance As A Mompreneur"

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Join Susan Winograd, PT and founder of PelviCore Rehab, for an enlightening conversation on pelvic health. In this episode, Susan and our host discuss how to break the stigma and reshape the conversation around pelvic health. Susan shares her unique approach to helping women and men of all ages optimize their pelvic health and overall well-being. Whether you're experiencing incontinence, pelvic pain, or other pelvic-related concerns, this episode offers practical insights and strategies for improving your quality of life." Learn about Susan Winograd at Show sponsored by


Listen to Susan Winograd talk about Balance

as a Mompreunuer with Dr. Juan Martin &  Dr. Chelsea DRDA



Susan Winograd is passionate about pelvic health and wellness, so much so, she gave up her concierge outpatient rehab business six years ago to launch Pelvicore Rehab LLC, in Boca Raton.

“We help people overcome pelvic health challenges, we help them return to activities that bring them joy without the worry or interruption of bowel, bladder, and sexual problems,” she says.

Pelvicore Rehab helps men and women throughout their lifespan with issues ranging from bladder leakage to constipation to painful sex. She supports women prenatally, for pregnancy wellness, for postnatal care and menopause health. Pelvicore helps men overcome all pelvic floor related issues including, but not limited to, urinary, prostate, and sexual dysfunction.
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As a doula and childbirth educator for many years, I’ve seen the damage that being a woman can do to our pelvic floor: whether it’s from birth, exercise, pregnancy, or hovering over a dirty public toilet while we pee. I’ve also seen the miraculous results many have experienced while working with a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor health. There have been some cases of women who have been told they would have to deal with their ailments for the rest of their lives, only to be able to resolve them within weeks or months after seeing a qualified therapist. 

Susan Winograd is a Jewish woman living in South Florida and has been a physical therapist for 26 years— she owns her own business (Pelvicore Rehab). They specialize in pelvic health and wellness, along with bowel, bladder, sexual, and GI dysfunction. She earned her master’s degree, began as a general physical therapist, and then moved on to the specialty of pelvic floor when she realized that there were men and women who were experiencing issues in their daily lives caused by the muscle and fascia of the pelvic area. Read More


Hi Susan, what do you attribute your success to?

The most important factor behind our success is that we are driven to help PEOPLE not clients. We build therapeutic relationships and we are focused on helping our clients get back to enjoying the activities they love without pain or worry of bowel, bladder and/or sexual dysfunction. We take the time to listen to clients and get to know what is important to them, what they have become limited in doing and what they dream of getting back to. Our success is due to our Total Body Approach to Healing. We use a whole body approach and we consider every system in body for optimal healing. We essentially take the time to look at all the pieces of a healing puzzle and help clients put it all together in a healing plan of care.. Read More


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