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Is Your Tailbone the Real Pain in the Butt???

Is your tailbone pain really coming from your coccyx?? Have you been to several healthcare providers who all give you different reasons for your discomfort? At Pelvicore Rehab we hear this story ALL the time!! It is incredibly frustrating and confusing when people are looking for solutions to their pain and find themselves even more lost once they start visiting healthcare providers! At Pelvicore Rehab, we not only committed to helping you resolve your pain, we are also committed to uncovering the root cause of your issue!! Treating JUST symptoms is merely a Band-Aid and may give you temporary relief at best! In order to have long term healing and health we MUST treat what is actually generating the pain!

Watch this video to learn 5 Clues that your pain in the butt may actually be coming from your tailbone Click Here (remember that often the site that you feel pain may be referred from an area distant from the site you feel it in).

In this video I talk about some just general guidelines that may help you communicate your symptoms to your healthcare practitioner more effectively. Click Here

Pelvic floor physical therapy should be the first line of conservative treatment for tailbone pain for long term health and healing.

Click Here to Watch Now This Video! Are you tired of having pain in sitting???

There is no need to live in pain Call Now , 561-295-1631, to schedule an appointment to be on your way to pain free living and returning to all the activities that bring you joy. Best Wishes, Susan P.S. Where else can you find me??? Visit me at: My Website: MidWife Freebie : Facebook: Facebook Group: YouTube: Instagram : The Breath ,The Core and the Pelvic Floor: Part 1 The Breath ,The Core and the Pelvic Floor: Part 2 The Breath, The Core and the Pelvic Floor Part 3 3 Strategies for Better breathing Understanding Pelvic Organ Prolapse Tight Pelvic Floor? 4Common Causes Common Breathing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Is Pelvic Pain Giving you Anxiety? Top 3 Menopause Fact You Must Know Endometriosis and the Pelvic Floor Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy and After Birth


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