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Get Rid of Your Lower Back Pain From Home

Have you ever felt a "sticky" pain sensation in your lower back?

A nagging feeling that you just can't seem to get rid of?

You've tried everything, but it won't seem to go away?

You're in luck because this video, Pelvicore Rehab will teach you two amazing exercise techniques to relieve this pain and return to feeling great.

First, start by laying down on your back. This can either be done on your bed or on the floor.

Technique number 1:

- Bend your knees slightly with your heels on the ground and your toes pointing up.

- Bring one heel on top of your knee

- Make sure your lifted knee is in line with your armpit. Then gently press your heel and your knee into each other. Hold for 10 seconds.

- Preform the same steps on the other side

Technique number 2:

- Bring your feet up and rest them on the floor near your bottom (your knees should be in the air)

- Get a ball and place it in between your knees

- Gently squeeze into the ball with your knees for a count of ten seconds

First- MAKE SURE you watch the video once to understand and visualize the exercises Second- rewatch the video and practice the breathing position with me!

Last- incorporate this practice into your daily routine


Have you ever woken up in the morning or finished exercising and you feel that naggy feeling in your low back? Or feeling like something stuck and itneeds to be shifted? I call it feeling sticky and you just don't know how to get rid of it. If this sounds like you, then this video is for you.

Hi everyone, I'm Susan Winograd with Pelvicore Plus where we believe healing requires a total body approach.

I am going to teach you my number one muscle energy technique that helps to rebalance your pelvis. I call it a pelvic reset and it is by far my favorite strategy when I feel sticky.

To perform this muscle energy technique, you're gonna lie on your bed or on a yoga mat on the floor. You're going to bend your knees slightly and keep your heels down on the bed your toes pointed up toward the ceiling. You're going to bring one heel onto the knee on top of the knee of the other leg.

I'm going to start with my right leg. You're going to bring your right knee over your left leg you're going to make sure that your knee is in line with your armpits and you're going to press them into each other - but nobody's moving so my right heel is gently pushing into my left knee and my left knee is gently pushing into my right heel. Just about 30 percent effort and you're going to hold for 10 seconds.

You're going to then bring your right leg down to meet the left, Take a deep breath and perform the same thing on the other side. My left heel on top of my right knee they're gently pushing into each other, making sure that the knee is in line with my armpit and then you're going to bring it back down.

You're going to do that three times total on each side.

When you're done with that you're going to bring your knees up a little bit so your feet are flat on the floor. You're going to put the ball between your legs and you're going to squeeze into the ball again about 30% effort for a count of 10. You're gonna release, take a deep breath squeeze again for a count of ten, release take a deep breath, and again three's the magic number on this exercise. Squeeze and release.

After you do this, that sticky feeling should really be gone. This is the kind of exercise that you can do as much as you need to throughout the day and it's so effective in just rebalancing those pelvic muscles.


For more amazing tips, contact Pelvicore Rehab. We are experienced in treating low back pain and helping clients overcome their pelvic discomfort. Lower back pain is one of the most common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction so call Pelvicore Rehab today at (561)295-1631

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