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How to Heal Heartburn (Acid Reflux) Naturally without Medication: GERD Gone!! Part 2

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Remember in our last blog, the first part of our reflux series we talked about how the the respiratory diaphragm, the muscle for breathing can be the culprit of acid reflux (heartburn symptoms)!!!!

You all know that I believe breathing is magical.....

Here’s another example, Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing can help prevent symptoms of acid reflux.

There are 3 progressions to this breathing exercise. I recommend performing all 3 to get maximum benefit and results. Click Here

Step 1:

Deep diaphragmatic breathing may help with symptoms of heartburn by helping the rib cage expand, stretch, and relax the diaphragm.

This can also open up the space ( hiatus) that the esophagus goes through the diaphragm and take pressure off the esophagus to relieve symptoms of heartburn.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing may also help relaxing the abdominal muscles for those who hold persistently hold tension in this muscle group (a.k.a Ab Grippers). Click Here

Step 2:

We can progress this deep breathing exercise by placing a small ball (or our hands) over our diaphragm and breathing into this area giving the inhalation a bit of resistance.

This resistance will help to further strengthen the diaphragm and improve the efficiency that one-way valve to prevent acid from rising back from the stomach and back into the esophagus. Click Here

Step 3:

From here we can either use our hands or a piece of a resistance band to provide resistance around our rib cage , think about breathing out and expanding the resistance band as we inhale and shortening the thera band as we exhale. Click Here

Try performing these exercises before and after eating to help prevent heartburn.

Begin with about 10 repetitions of each step working you way up to 20-30 repetitions

Don't wait to start feeling better!!

Click Here NOW to watch this video on

How to Heal Acid Reflux Naturally Without Medication!!!

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