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All of my tests came back negative, why am I still in pain??

So many of my clients ask this question! Pain is a signal, a red flag, to our brain that something in our body needs to be addressed. Once that stimulus has been addressed our nervous system should return to a calmer, more balanced state. However, sometimes pain persists even after our health care practitioners have said that the body is healed and/or all diagnostic teats are negative. Our nervous system has not returned to a balanced system and stays in a constantly "wound-up" state. This process is called Central Sensitization,Click Here

our central nervous stays in a state of hyper-reactivity and our nerve endings become hypersensitive. The brain has become very protective of the area that was injured, the way that our brain perceives pain changes and the perception of pain is heightened. Stimulus that was once barely noticeable are now extremely painful. In some cases, touch that should not be perceived as painful have become painful. Central Sensitization is common with chronic pain conditions such as Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, pudendal neuralgia, back pain, hip and groin back, pain with sex, pelvic girdle pain, overactive bladder and even digestive bloating and distention. Click Here to Watch this video to learn how to heal if you are struggling with chronic pain. P.S. If you are not already a member to my Facebook Group, Pelvic Health Plus (Total Body Wellness), Click Here

to join and learn more! Where else can you find me: My Website: MidWife Freebie : Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram : The Breath ,The Core and the Pelvic Floor: Part 1 The Breath ,The Core and the Pelvic Floor: Part 2 The Breath, The Core and the Pelvic Floor Part 3 3 Strategies for Better breathing Understanding Pelvic Organ Prolapse Tight Pelvic Floor? 4Common Causes Common Breathing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


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