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Pelvic Anatomy: Everything You Need to Know

In order to heal pelvic dysfunction and overcome pain we must have an understanding of basic Pelvic Anatomy. We need to understand the anatomy of the pelvic floor and how these muscles effect our pelvic and digestive organs.

Knowledge is Power!!!

I have always found that when clients are struggling to overcome pelvic floor dysfunction.... Simply following an exercise prescription will not yield long term relief.

Yes... Symptoms may lessen temporarily but often creep their way back into a clients life. This leaves people feeling frustrated and anxious that true resolution of symptoms may not be achieved.

However.... when there is an understanding of pelvic anatomy, how the deep core system works and how to apply it's foundation concepts to prevent "flares" the magic of true healing is possible!!!

In this video you will learn pelvic floor anatomy, the functions of the pelvic floor, symptoms to look out for that may be a clue that you have a pelvic floor dysfunction.

Learn this foundational information for bowel(constipation, fecal incontinence,i ncomplete evacuation and more) , bladder (leaking, urinary urgency and frequency) sexual health to achieve true, long lasting pelvic floor health.


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