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The Breath,The Core and the Pelvic Floor

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Is you core strong??? Core strength is so much more than a strong six pack muscle! The deep core is a coordinated system of intra-abdominal pressure exchange that is led by the breath. So many of use compensations in order to stabilize us through movement!  If you need to hold your breath to complete a challenging task( so many

of us do that without even realizing it!!) Then Click Here to watch this video now.  Breathing diaphragmatically is how our body stabilizes us through movement. How does this effect your pelvic health?? Managing intra-abdominal pressure efficiently through breath helps:     * to maintain bowel, bladder and sexual health.     * It helps to prevent leaking with movement     * maintains continence     * aids in digestion     * keeps our pelvic floor muscles at a healthy length- tension relationship. We can also use the breath in different ways to get enough support from the core to stabilize us in a way that meets the demand of the specific activity we are performing. Click Here to learn how to get TRUE stability from our core. understanding this foundational concept can improve sport performance, help you feel stronger ,lighter and more stable no matter how challenging the task may be! Stay strong and supported!!!


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